Vision Mission Objective – KIMDS
  • Our Institute T&P Training & Programme Division

    Objective of Training & Programme Division of KIMDS

    Objective of Training & Programme Division of KIMDS is to carry out research in various aspects of socio-economic development with managerial insights. We encourage all kinds of research including applied and action research. Over the years, the research work carried out at Training & Programme Division of KIMDS, has been increasingly used for capacity building, field action, academics and policy advocacy on a spectrum of social, economic, business and environmental issues.


    To carry out scientific socio-economic research to contribute to the body of knowledge and for the benefit of society.


    To develop and strengthen research with interdisciplinary insights in management and social sciences for corporates, governments and NGOs.


    To carry out collaborative training programs and research projects in association with governments, corporates and NGOs for mutual benefits by utilizing T&P Divisions, infrastructure and human resources.