Cultural – KIMDS

The Rangoli Competition was held on Wednesday 3rd November 2021 at Kejriwal Institute of Management and Development Studies (KIMDS), Namkum on the occasion of Deepawali.The event was presided by the honourable Director Dr. A. K. Singh and was coordinated by Prof. J. P. Verma and Prof. Trisha. The judges were from the college itself Prof. Ritu Sinha, Ms. Aradhna Mishra and Ms. Meena Dwivedi. On the day of competition every studentwas full of excitement and enthusiastic towards the event. The students were divided into four groups. Each group was eager to do their best. Material for the event were organized by the student. Before the commencement of the event the theme and rules were instructed to the students. The theme was ‘National Integration and the rules were – only 6 colours to be used, 2 materials along with colours and time duration was 75 min.As soon as the topic and rules were instructed each student rushed for the group discussion for 5minutes which was allowed. Each group was assigned a designated place such as two teams on the ground floor and other two on the 1st floor. The groups were formed of both juniors and senior students which gave the event more room for interaction between juniors and seniors. The students were so much involved in the event that no one realized how fast 75 minutes passed by. The time limit came to an end and the judges went by all the groups. The judges were accompanied by the honourable Director Sir and Prof. J. P. Verma. The judges were pleased seeing the effort and creativity of each group.Finally came the moment for which all of us were waiting that is the announcement of winner team. The winner team was Kotler and the runner up team was Prahalad. Both the teams were given certificates. The certificate was handed by Director Dr. A. K. Singh.Last but not the least some students shared their experience of the Rangoli event and the event came to an end on the last thoughtful message shared by the Director A. K. Singh.

The World Teachers’ Day under the theme Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery was celebrated in Kejriwal Institute of Management and Development Studies on 5thOctober 2021. The event was held in the college premises at Sevanjali Hall. The day is marked to thank teachers around the globe. Honourable Director of KIMDS Dr. Ajit Kr. Singh, presided over the whole function and overwhelmingly said in his speech that we are very proud to have a day like this and highlighted the important role teachers play in the education system of any country and the need to cater for their needs in terms of professional development and welfare of students. The event was also attended by Faculty members, students and staff members. The program began with the opening ceremony of lighting of lamp and chorus song of Saraswati Vandana. Students organized many programs like dance, song and play that made a mesmerising impact on everyone present. The ceremony came to an end with vote of thanks and everyone proceeded for lunch followed by preparation of another event i.e. Freshers’ party in the second half.