Hostel Infrastructure – KIMDS
  • Our Place, Your Home

    Coming to university is always a big move. Of course, you’ll want the certainty of knowing where you are going to live. You’ll also want a place that fits in with your studies and suits your social life. And most of all, you’ll want somewhere you’ll feel at home.

    KIMDS offers both residential & day scholar programs. Separate facilities for boy's and girl's TAGORE & SAROJINI, solicitous wardens and tight security arrangements ensure a warm and homely atmosphere, allowing students to focus on academics. Boys and girls common rooms are fully indoor games and other relaxation facilities.


  • Hostel provides feeling of Home-Away-From-Home to the students. Keeping in view the same philosophy we provide a secure, comfortable and healthy environment for all the residents of the KIMDS hostels. The hostel accommodation comprises of room which are well furnished, hygienic and have ultramodern amenities. Each apartment has three rooms shared by two students each, a lobby and attached bathrooms. The hostel premises has common TV room, and state of the art indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The hostel campus has an excellent modern gymnasium with a trainer. The entire hostel premises are Wi-Fi enabled and has a separate computer centre with 24X7 internet facility.

    Tagore Single Seater Rooms
    Sarojini Single Seater Room
  • The hostel premises comprises of separate dining facility in the Boy's and Girl's hostels. The menu of the Mess is decided by the Student's Mess Committees.

    The food served is of high quality and meets the acceptable quality standards.Special consideration is given to provide a well-balanced, nutritional diet with varying food tastes.

  • Each hostel has a residential Faculty Warden, Assistant Warden, Attendants who are being monitored by a Chief Warden & the Manager Hostel Administration to promptly address the day to day issues of the hostel residents. To ensure security and safety of the hostel inmates 24X7 security guards are on duty and CCTV cameras have been installed for surveillance.

    The medical facilities like ambulance, nurses are also available inside the KIMDS campus around the clock.


    Hostels in KIMDS are a like Home-Away-From-Home! We ensure that the inmates are comfortable and are provided with a congenial environment to pursue their studies. The hostel rooms are well ventilated and adequately furnished. We provide a separate box-bed with mattress, a study table and a chair and a wardrobe to each student.


    Both Boys’ and Girls’ Hostels have modern and well equipped Kitchens and Dining Halls where food is cooked and served in clean and hygienic conditions. To ensure pest free surroundings, pest control services of professional is utilised.

    Purified cold and warm water (during winters) is provided to the students.
    The Weekly menu is well planned in consultation with the Students’ Mess Committee to provide variety, nutritious and wholesome food to the students. Special meals are provided on festival days.


    KIMDS has well equipped functional Infirmary which caters for the First Aid and limited out patient medical services of the KIMDS staff and students. The Infirmary is run and managed under the guidance of qualified and experienced doctors. A Lady Medical Officer is available on campus during the better part of the day and Nursing Staff and Ambulance are available 24×7.


    To ensure safety and security of the students, had deployed Security Guards around the clock in the hostels which is further beefed up with CCTV Cameras in all the hostels. Roll Calls are conducted on daily basis through Biometric Devices and proper procedure is followed for issuing of Out-Passes and allowing visitors to the hostels.


    We have a well appointed Indoor Games Hall where the students can come, relax and unwind after a day of hard work.

    Indoor games like Billiards, Table Tennis, Carom Board etc are available. Students can watch their favourite TV Channels on numerous TVs with DTH connections which are available in all the hostels.


    There is a Barber Shop & Saloon for boys & Girls outside the campus. Apart from that, there is a well stocked Stationery Shop with photocopying and coloured printing facilities in outside the campus.


    After a week long of slogging with the books, a break over the weekend is welcome. We arrange screening of popular movies and projection of important sport events on the big screen in the on campus amphitheatre. Sundays are for outings for hostel students to the city in Institute buses under the supervision of the Wardens.

  • Gymnasium and Health Club

    Gymnasiums are located one each in girls' as well as boys' hostels. A well equipped Air-conditioned gym in the University hostels having latest instruments and machines has ensured better fitness and health facilities for the students, faculty and staff members of KIMDS.

    There are two sections in the gymnasiums. One section is meant for general exercises while the other is meant for weight training.

  • The instruments and machines include:

  • Overview

    Hostel is not a right of a student rather it is a privilege given to a student. Admission to the Hostel is generally on first come first serve basis in First Year (Merit for Admission).

    Allotment of hostel accommodation second year onwards will be done on the basis of student’s latest academic record of odd semester.

  • Eligibility

    A bonafide regular student of KIMDS pursuing PGDM/ MBA/ BBA Program at the University is eligible for admission to the Hostel.