Lab-Department of Information Technology

  • Laboratories

    KIMDS has a fully equipped computer lab- BABBAGE with computers of latest configuration. Wi-Fi enabled net facility is accessible 24 hours, but restricted for educational purposes only.

  • Programming Lab

    Latest software and hardware are installed for programming in C, C++, Java, J2EE, J2ME, .NET, Python and LINUX. For Java programming there are IDEs like Net Beans, eclipse and servers like Apache Tomcat, MySQL Server, Oracle, Web servers, Application Server etc. For C programming there is Code, Most of the drivers are installed for developing enterprise applications.

  • Networking Lab

    The lab is well equipped with all routers, switches, protocols and other devices for hands-on practice of networking related projects and programmes using TCP and UDP sockets. Lab is used for experimenting with the objectives like creating a socket in client to server, client-server application for chat using TCP, implementing TCP/IP echo etc.

  • Web Technology Lab

    To give hands on experience to students, different editors like NotePad++, Dreamweaver are used with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Mozilla etc. students work for building online projects like banking application, hospital management, On-line ticket booking applications etc.

  • Graphics Lab

    Lab is equipped with softwares like 3D Studio Max, Maya, Picasa and Adobe of latest versions. In advance computer graphics fractal theory and curve analysis kind of studies are performed.