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Workshop on "Art of Effective Communication"

30th October 2021 (Saturday)

A guest lecture session was organised on 30th October 2021 (Saturday) at Kejriwal Institute of Management and Development Studies for the PGDM students. Mr. Sourav Kumar Verma, Manager Smallholder Farming-JH & Odisha,BayerCrop Science Ltd.was the guest speaker.He was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers and introduced among all by Prof. Bikram Dutta. He gave valuable information to us on the topic ‘New Business Models in Agribusiness Industry’. He discussed about BLF (Better Life Farming), how the work is processed under BLF owner/Agri Entrepreneur. He also discussed about some companies with whom BayerCrop Science Ltd have partnership – IFC, NETAFIM, Tata Trust etc. He gave emphasis on 3 tier ecosystem of their company – women farmers, women BLF owner, & women Employees. He explained the benefits of Agri Entrepreneur- high income generation, women empowerment etc. At last, he told about 5Ds of success – Dedication, Devotion, Determination, Discipline and Duty bound. He motivated students by saying “work hard & keep your soul clean”. Every student participated in this session enthusiastically. At last, there was a question/answer session where he clarified the doubts of the students. Vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Trisha of Kejriwal Institute of Management & Development Studies.

A guest lecture was conducted at Kejriwal Institute of Management & Development Studies on 2nd November 2021 by the country sales Director of Oracle Company – Mr. Nitin Bhatia, famously known as ‘Mr. Bean’ of Digital Marketing. He was introduced by Prof. J.P Verma and presented with a bouquet by Honourable Director Sir. Mr. Bhatia had a very diverse experience in life from journalism to film making, from anchoring, writing books and finally devoting his life to ‘sales’. He talked about his journey and how he got into sales domain, as he calls himself an “accidental sales person”. It was an interactive session where students were encouraged to participate in the discussion. At the end, the floor was open for question and answer session. Lastly, vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Aastha Sinha, student of PGDM, Trimester – IV and honourable Director Sir presented Mr. Bhatia a small token of love from KIMDS family.

A guest lecture was conducted on 2nd November from 2.00 pm at Kejriwal Institute of Management & Development Studies. This session was arranged for PGDM students. The guest speaker was Mr. Nitin Bhatia, Director Sales- Oracle India Ltd. Every student participated enthusiastically in this session. Mr Bhatia motivated students through his speech and said that self-awareness is very important to get success. He discussed ‘How to introduce yourself’ during an interview. He shared his idea about how the interview criteria is changing day-by-day. He made the students learn about STAR approach i.e.Situation, Task, Action and Result. He emphasized on the point ‘WhySales is Best’. He quoted that to get a good job, a person must realize their potential and sell it to the interviewer during an interview. At last, he gave few tips about what to mention in CV, how to select hobby. He finished his session with a quote of Sachin Tendulkar “People throw stones at you and you convert them into milestones”. Overall, there was an atmosphere of enthusiasm and learning.

Kejriwal Institute of Management and Development Studies organized a Quiz Competition on 23rdOctober 2021 at Sevanjali Hall. Many rounds were held which included questions from subject areas, technical, aptitude, general awareness, company related questions, taglines and many more. There were four teams Prahlad, Porter, Drucker and Kotler. The programme was presided over by our honourable Director Dr. Ajit Kr. Singh and was coordinated by Dr. Jay Prakash Verma. Other esteemed faculty members and staffs were also present in the Quiz Competition.Rounds were divided into Question-Answer round, Pass the question round, Audio visual round and Clue round. After competing in all the four rounds Team Prahlad secured first position, Team Drucker became the 1st Runner up, Team Porter became 2nd runner up and Team Kotler became the 3rd runner up. Appreciation certificates were given by honourable Director Dr. Ajit Kr. Singhtoall winners of the Quiz Competition.

Kejriwal Institute of Management and Development Studies organized a tech talk on October 30, 2021 in Sevanjali hall. It was an innovative and successful learning practice that was introduced to provide knowledge dissemination platform to the students. The event was presided by our Honourable Director Dr. Ajit Kr. Singh and was coordinated by Dr. Jayprakash Verma and Prof. Trisha. Team Drucker, Team Kotler, Team Prahlad and Team Porter have energetically and brilliantly delivered the content related to Industry revolution 4.0, Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Business and New Education Policy respectively. Our honourable Director Dr. Ajit Kr. Singh had appreciated the students for their efforts and also highlighted the established way of making presentation. Dr. Jayprakash Verma also fore grounded the topics and its relevance in today’s business world. The event ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. Trisha.