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Prof. Amit Kr . Singh

Course Details:

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in financial management at Kejriwal Institute of Management and Development studies is a two-year full-time programme. The programme augments the understanding of the role of financial managers in business as well as society. It enables the students imbibe the key business concepts, problem analysis, strategy building, communicate ideas and motivate people to action. Emphasis is placed on developing an analytical mind seeking the right knowledge and skills with right leadership attitude.
Events such as globalization, deregulation, mergers and acquisitions, competition and technological innovations have changed the approach and business strategies of companies. In today’s dynamic business environment, finance professionals are innovating on ways and means by which the financial function can add value to their organizations. Finance professionals today need to think beyond the traditional financial approach contained in the conventional general ledger system and consider how best to use technology, provide comprehensive measures and analytical methods needed to drive decisions in corporate. PGDM in financial management helps to build an elaborate knowledge on accounting, finance, taxation, tax structure and their relations to overall business dynamics of Industries. KIMDS proposes to make the students socially responsible and aware about occupational mobility and compliance to ethics and law. At KIMDS we are determined to not only the imparting of knowledge and skills is of vital importance, but even more crucial is the purpose for which the knowledge and skills are utilized. This is reflected by the values that students imbibe and carry with them once they graduate from the institute.
In general the programme helps the students to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and values. This is by way of:
Acquainting the students with the problems of today’s business environment that has become very dynamic and competitive. This is done by broadening of horizons by making available information in the form of books, business magazines and research reports.
To equip the students with the right attitude, knowledge, and skills in areas of business management and information technology necessary to succeed in the data-intensive VUCA environment.
Developing decision making skills, analytical skills and logical reasoning through interactive class room lectures and discussions, individual and group assignments, case study analysis, individual and group presentations, live projects, company internship and class room participation.
Developing the communication and interpersonal skills of the students so that they can express themselves clearly and with confidence in order to convince others. Students are also trained to be good listeners who are sensitized to the expectations of others so that they can play an effective role in group situations. This is done through the communication labs.
Organizing of rural camps in rural areas thereby imparting an understanding of the deeper aspirations of the common people for justice and who should see their training as a preparation for true service to the society. The perfect blending of humanity and professionalism, the amalgamation of management, leadership and social service is the unique objective of this esteemed institution that creates, “Professionals with a difference.”