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Prof. Bikram Dutta:

Course Details:

Post Graduate Diploma Programme (PGDM) in Marketing management prepares a student for a career in marketing and sales across various industries for their offering whether it be a product or service. It also imparts the skill sets required for futuristic careers in Marketing Analytics, Marketing Operations and Digital Marketing. The programme facilitates learning of theory and their practical application in different areas of management and to bridge the knowledge and application expectations of the stakeholders.

PGDM in marketing management is designed to develop –
(i) Analytical, problem solving and decision making abilities and mind-set.
(ii) A holistic awareness of the socio-economic environment.
(iii) A professional personality with desirable values and attitudes.
To achieve the aforesaid objectives for each course in Marketing management KIMDS follows a variety of teaching methodologies, such as case studies, role-plays, problem solving exercises, group discussions, simulations and audio-visuals. The primary objective is to impart relevant knowledge and skills as well as to transmit certain values. KIMDS proposes to make the students socially responsible and aware about occupational mobility and compliance to ethics and law. At KIMDS we are determined to not only the imparting of knowledge and skills is of vital importance, but even more crucial is the purpose for which the knowledge and skills are utilized. This is reflected by the values that students imbibe and carry with them once they graduate from the institute.

At KIMDS the students equip themselves with the necessary knowledge, skills and values by way of:
• Getting acquainted with problems of today’s dynamic and competitive business environment.
• Developing decision making skills, analytical skills and logical thinking through several case study analysis, presentations, live projects, company internship, interactive class room lectures and discussions.
• Improving their communication and interpersonal skills.
• Communication labs, that enables them to become good listeners who are sensitized to the expectations of others and play an effective role in group situations.
• Summer Internship project are an integral part of the course curriculum that is for a period of six to eight weeks.
The marketing management course at KIMDS ensures a perfect blend of humanity and professionalism, the amalgamation of management, social service and leadership is an active ingredient of this esteemed institution that creates, “Professionals with a difference.”