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Prof. Trisha :

Course Details:

Post-Graduate Diploma (PGDM) in Human Resource Management (HRM) aims at preparing young individuals to face the challenges in the domain of Human Resource Management. Apart from the fundamental theoretical inputs in Human Resource Management, Human resource development and Industrial Relations, the programme aims to equip the students with practical knowledge and necessary skills to become an effective professional. KIMDS focusses on and developing a dynamic personality of students by nurturing their values and attitudes.

PGDM in Human resource management is unique in its value-based orientation and has been divided into different segments; the first year i.e. three trimester comprises compulsory courses related to foundation in Human Resource Management, social service, rural outreach and Industrial Visits. At the end of their 3rd trimester students go for summer internships project in various organizations for a period of 8 weeks during the month of May and June. Students are provided with elective courses on the start of their 4th trimester in order to specialise in their area of interest. Industrial tour is also an integral part of the two-year curriculum in order to expose students to latest Industry practices. An academic year consists of three trimesters, each trimester spanning across 11 to 13 weeks. At KIMDS we intend to make the student an agent of social evolution, who envision their future as a way of contributing their part to the basic evolution taking place in India.

At KIMDS we realize that imparting of knowledge and skills is vital, but even more crucial is the purpose for which the knowledge and skills are utilized. The focus of a young HRM graduate from KIMDS must be to contribute to justice for the poor and oppressed, more social concern, more honesty and cultural understanding, rather than to maintain the status quo and a biased distribution of power and benefits. The HRM programme equips them with knowledge, skills, and values to create a glorious career while being a contributing member to the society.